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Open Range Field Services


We are licensed to practice in Alabama, Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Idaho, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Nevada, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, West Virginia, and Wisconsin.

Pipeline Routing


If your project isn't routed properly, you could make costly mistakes and miss your deadlines. Our expedient pipeline routing ensures you have exactly what you need to keep the project running smoothly.

  • Transmission and gathering system pipeline projects

  • Pipeline right-of-way routing and temporary workspace design

  • Pipeline crossing permit exhibits and engineered crossing calculations

  • Pipeline alignments and route maps

  • Horizontal directional drill (HDD) plan and profile sheets

  • Easement exhibits (pipeline/utility/access) and legal descriptions

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Construction Staking



Without proper planning, staking, and layout, you could run into major headaches in your construction project. Our team uses proven techniques to deliver the fast and precise results you need to keep your project on time and on budget.

  • Commerical and residential

  • Pipeline, waterline, utility, and civil structures

  • Site and pad development

  • Roadway, corridor, and offset staking

  • Fenceline and perimeter staking

Construction Staking



​The best way to avoid unknowns and ensure you know what's in the ground is to do it right the first time. But in order to do that, you need accurate As-Built surveying and data. We provide thorough data collection and processes so you can get in front of potential problems.

  • As-Built pipeline alignment sheets (BlueSky Software Users)

  • As-Built pipeline data run sheets and pipe tally reports

  • As-Built pipeline schematics/isometric sketches for fabrication assemblies

  • Database Builds (.MDB, .GDB, etc.)

Pipeline As-Built Surveying
Well Staking



​You shouldn't have to sacrifice speed for quality. We offer timely, accurate well location staking so you can keep your drilling schedule on track and meet your deadlines.

  • Well location permit map/plats

  • Well as-drilled location permit map/plat

  • Mineral and unit boundary and maps

  • Surface use plats (pad development)

  • Electrical, flow-line, SWD lines, and lease road surveys 

Well Staking
Telecommunication Surveying



​Telecommunication infrastructure is a fast-moving and competitive market. Shouldn't your surveying company be as well?

  • FAA-1-A certification letters

  • Small cell antenna networks

  • Right-of-way locates and 811-tickets

  • Macro-tower locations (plannings and As-Builts)

  • Antenna, anchoring, hut, utility, and access road staking and layout

Telecommunication Surveying
Volumetric Surveying



When you need to know the volume of barrels a containment berm will hold, the cubic yards of material excavated or stockpiled, or how many gallons of water your new frac-pond will store, we've got your back.

Using integrated terrestrial surveying and aerial mapping techniques, we'll quickly generate a 3D model to calculate the quantities of all materials removed, filled, or piled.

  • Secondary containment (berm) survey

  • Pond containment - SWD & freshwater locations

  • Stockpiles, gravel pits, landfills, and quarries

  • Construction monitoring and progress surveys

Volumetric Surveying
Land Surveying

Land surveying

You've invested hundreds of thousands of dollars into your land or commercial development project. Imagine how much of that money you stand to lose if your survey is lacking by even the smallest amount.

With a background in commercial development, engineering design surveying, and title and boundary surveying, our team goes above and beyond to provide you with the most accurate land surveying possible. That way, you can feel confident starting your project off on the best footing.

  • Engineering design and topographic surveys

  • Land development platting (preliminary and final platting, re-platting)

  • FEMA surveys (elevation certificates, LOMA, LOMC, LOMR, etc.)

  • ALTA/NSPS commercial title surveys

  • Ranch and estate boundaries

Land Surveying
Unmanned Aerial Systems

Unmanned aerial

systems (UAS) services

Using the latest in technological advancements, Open Range Field Services provides crystal clear aerial mapping. We're certified by the FAA and qualified as remote pilots in order to deliver the fast and effective aerial mapping you need at a reasonable price.

Think unmanned (drone) services may be too expensive for your project? Think again. Our UAS services are affordable and reliable. If your project is located in a "restricted flight" area for drones, we've got you covered. We can schedule a manned aircraft flight to cover 500 acres or 500 linear miles!

  • Site planning and development

  • Right-of-way restoration monitoring

  • Project progress/status imagery

  • Digital surface modeling (DSM)

  • Civil infrastructure & utility mapping

  • Oblique imagery and video capture

Renewable Energy



As renewable energy continues to expand and create diversification in power, Open Range maintains a strong focus on solar, wind, and transmission projects. We provide advanced surveying and mapping techniques that support each stage of development and the responsiveness to meet target deadlines. Our experienced team is dedicated to achieving client goals and delivering quality end products in the renewable energy market.

Renewable Energy
Tree Surveys
Tree Surveys


Tree Surveys are provided specifically for planners and landscape architects to comply with local tree ordinances, especially in the Hill Country of Texas. Tree ordinances can vary drastically between local agencies. Open Range is well-versed with those regulations and can assist in performing tree surveys that meet the requirements of the governing agency. Open Range can provide your company with a Tree Preservation Plan or TPP that complies with all requirements that are essential to keep your project on schedule.

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