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Open Range Field Services, LLC was established in 2014 by Kent Dyson, James Kantola, and Ron Nelson. The company's headquarters is located in Pampa, TX. Open Range is a full-service surveying and mapping company specializing in the development and construction of energy-related infrastructure and assets. The organization's primary objective is to serve the energy and construction industry by providing responsive and innovative geospatial data solutions.


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"We recently had a topography survey done on a lot in Boerne and couldn't be happier with the service we received from Open Range Field Services. After getting a few bids from other companies, Open Range had the best price and the quickest turnaround. They were extremely professional and communication was prompt every step of the way. After they completed the topography survey of the lot, we had the results in hand in a matter of days. They did quality work and really helped us determine whether or not we could build on the lot. I had the pleasure of meeting Andrew and Cameron in the office and both were extremely courteous and down to earth, which really summed up the entire experience. We will absolutely look to them first for all of our future surveying needs!"

Weslyn Wagner

Current happenings

FREDericksburg, TX

Longneck Manor is a Non Profit Conservation Park located in Fredericksburg, Texas, committed to saving animals in the wild. They provide animal tours and overnight experiences on the property… a truly unique experience. The property currently has a Giraffe Suite where guests can observe giraffes from the comfort of a luxurious 1200 square foot suite with living room, kitchen and master bedroom on the second level of a 10,000 square foot giraffe barn. Retired Houston Zoo Director and owner of Longneck Manor, Rick Barongi, has plans 

to expand the site to include an Okapi Barn, and 3 new Villas for guests. Open Range Field Services had the opportunity to perform a boundary survey for the 103 acre property along with a design and tree survey for the area of proposed improvements, as well as mapping the new improvements that have taken place in the last few years. We appreciated the chance to work with Rick and look forward to visiting soon, especially when improvements are completed. 

Sisterdale, TX

In December 2019, Open Range was contracted by Bacchus Caves with a survey layout of an underground cave in Sisterdale, TX near the Boerne office. Bacchus Caves is presently carving caverns throughout the entire United States - from California to the East Coast, including Hill Country, TX. Cave designs are individually customized and range in size from 66 square feet to 42,000 square feet and vary in function, including but not limited to: music production studio, art gallery, luxury spa retreat, dramatic dining chamber, wine storage site, and more. Excavated by


Bacchus Caves, the Meritage Resort in Napa opened the world's first underground cave spa in May 2007. The survey work required unconventional survey methods and becoming accustomed to cave terminology used by the client. The first day on the site, the client asked us to set "4 spads in the ribs", which resulted in a pretty puzzled look from our survey crew. Come to find out, a spad is an underground survey control point similar to the use of stakes in marking survey points on the surface. A pointer spad, or sight spad, is a station that allows a mine foreman to visually align entries or breaks from the main spad. These spads needed to be set in the ceiling approaching each turn and down line of each turn to keep the equipment on line. The walls of the cave are referred to as the "ribs" by cavers. The spads they needed in the ribs were used as reference points to help keep the correct grade of the floor as they were drilling. The drilling process is very slow and we are called out about every other week to give line and grade for the next turn. Cameron and Andrew have been utilizing the Trimble Robotic Total Station to bring in the control from the network set up outside the cave each trip, along with a conventional level to set grade. It's been an interesting project and we can't wait to see it progress even more and eventually hope to scan the completed cave.

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